Conversations around race and ethnicity can sometimes be difficult. Media and politics can exacerbate this as half-truths and stereotypes are perpetuated, further solidifying individuals’ values and beliefs based on the isolated experiences of their own culture and heritage. Without analyzing and questioning these values and beliefs, ethnocentrism can take root, leading to the devaluing and caricaturing of other people and other cultures. This can make productive and respectful conversations nearly impossible. Allow BHK Consulting to provide guidance and expertise in facilitating these conversations that are necessary for individual and organizational growth.



In workshops, participants learn about a topic and are actively engaged through practices such as critical dialogue and critical reflection. This learning method encourages openness and multiple perspectives, while also emphasizing the importance of focusing introspectively to better understand oneself.



Retreats are offered for groups that desire to learn and grow in a more intimate setting while improving intragroup dynamics. From fun, team-building activities, to challenging and thought-provoking conversations, participants will be able to learn about themselves, each other, and the group, as it pertains to unity, equity, and justice.



Ranging from one to three days, conferences provide rich learning opportunities and allow for extended time learning and discussing with participants and facilitators.



Intensives are five to seven-day programs that combine workshops and experiential learning. Hands-on experiences allow participants to engage the information covered in the workshops in a real way, thereby deepening their knowledge, understanding, and empathy. The programs are transformative in nature as participants are in a continuous cycle of learning, acting, and reflecting, both individually and collectively.



Collaboration is one of the most effective ways for organizations to expand their impact and reach, yet many of them lack strategic partnerships that position them to improve their organization and community. BHK Consulting works with you to identity and cultivate relationships that promote unity, equity, and justice within your organization and community.



Many organizations have policies that have historically created and perpetuated barriers and inequities for people of different cultures. Policies often reflect the status quo of the dominant culture, which unintentionally—and sometimes intentionally—exclude people from non-dominant cultures. This can be difficult for organizational leaders to recognize as it is so infused within the organization. BHK Consulting provides fresh perspectives and insight into current policies and can work with you to develop new ones that promote unity, equity, and justice.



BHK Consulting provides general consultation as individuals and organizations look to move forward and better understand and engage topics and issues relating to race, ethnicity, and nationality. We recognize the varying needs of our clients and are available to discuss additional services as well.

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